Welcome to Saddle Peak



We now have Openings in our pastures and stall barn for horses.  Pasture board is $320 a month, and $530 a month for a stall.    Kip Denton is organizing at Tuesday evening and Thursday morning cutting/cow horse practice.    The Tuesday Evening practice will begin at 6 and end at 8, and thursday’s practice will start at 9 am and go until noon.   $40 per person.  Lots of mostly fresh cows and an encouraging atmosphere.  Open to green horses, green riders, seasoned horses, and seasoned riders. Ask for help and feedback, or ask us to keep the peanut gallery's comments to ourselves!  Please call Kip if you wish to attend any practice so we can gather the cattle.   Hope to see you at Saddle Peak.  406 570 4857



Autumn 2015